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Family and budget-friendly assisted living center in 
Columbia, MO

For over 30 years, Hillcrest Assisted Living in Columbia, MO has been dedicated to helping area seniors and families find affordable assisted living services. Hillcrest has always had reasonable rates and a willingness to accept people regardless of income. We assist people in applying for Medicad, private longterm insurance, veteran benefits and other sources. With our large and smaller rooms we are able to charge a wide range of monthly charges depending on the individuals income. 

Leisure and lifestyle

At Hillcrest Assisted Living, we have a wide range of lifestyle, leisure and entertainment activities for our residents to enjoy. We regularly organize events that help to build and maintain a community spirit in and around Columbia and a positive state of mind. Each resident is encouraged to pursue activities that they enjoy and are best suited to them. We encourage and endeavor to accommodate individual lifestyle choices and activities whenever and wherever possible. We now offer bi-weekly transportation to a local gym so people can work out with the latest equipment.
Elderly woman painting at assisted living center in Columbia, MO
senior in nursing home garden with assisted living center nurse in Columbia, MO

Health services

At Hillcrest Assisted Living, we provide you or your loved one with a wide range of personalized health-related services. State licensed, our assisted living center provides 24/7 medical care with trained medication aides, a full-time LPN, and a part-time RN consultant on staff. We also provide healthy country-style meals that can be customized to fit the dietary needs of any resident. Also, we incorporate fun and health-based activities into our programs to keep your loved one on the go. 


At Hillcrest Assisted Living, we understand how expensive an assisted living center can be and the strain that can put on families. That’s why we are committed to keeping costs as low as possible. Semi-private room rates start at $69.35 per day/$1995 per month or sliding scalebased on income. Small-private rooms start at $74.19 per day/$2300 per month. Private rooms start at $77.42 per day/$2400 per month. Large private rooms start at $83.87 per day/$2600 per month. Large private rooms with private bath start at $90.32 per day/$2800 per month. Federal and State programs are available to assist low income people.
elderly friends talking in nursing home kitchen at assisted living center in Columbia, MO

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